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2018 Covers Performance

Ideaschool NZ Diploma in Music students have formed three bands for their Covers Performance project where they are responsible for selecting their tracks and professionally managing their rehearsals culminating in a public performance at Shed 2. Each band was also responsible for developing their own promotional material which are shown to the right.

Cosmic Wolves

Nick Castles
Ethan Haswell
Naz Paterson
Jonathan Kerr
Joelene Vrijs
Charlotte Harford

The Shady Bunch

Sam Love
Talitha Blake
Tereiha Hapi
Joe Field
Ricarn Ratima
Nakita Turner Low
Patrick Lasei
Jakkapat Kaenkaew

No Rest Till August

Eilish Rose
Victor J Sefo
Klaus Axel
Io Smith
Brooklyn McDonald
Whenua Key
Matthew Knowles
Brad Forrest