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IS17 Fashion Show

Colleen Isaako


My collection is based on the trip I took earlier this year back to my home country, Samoa.
I was inspired by the colours of the flowers and the warmth of the day and cool at night.
I have chosen tropical floral print fabrics to make my three piece collection. I’ve name my collection Teuila because in Samoan it is a name of a flower.

I designed my collection in modern street wear, it’s a ready to wear collection for spring/summer. The male outfit consists of a skort which is a skirt and shorts together in black floral fabric, and also a flounce top featuring black hole fabric. This represents a fun and different style for men’s streetwear. The second outfit is female, a dress featuring a gathered bust with ruffle sleeves in a white floral print fabric which it represents fun and bright yet modern styles. The third female outfit is pleated pants in an off-white fabric and flounce top in the black floral fabric.

Emma Cumming


I have chosen Camo and Denim for my collection, and my target market is teenage girls’ ages between 14-16 years who like the streetwear look of short shorts, short skirts, with frayed hems with knee high socks and sneakers, and to show off a bit of skin. Giving the feeling of the girl flower power look.

I have chosen pink camo fabric because pink is a bright feminine colour that fits in my Camden girl flower power look representing the girl next door.

I have 2 different style skirts, the first one has two shoulder straps that are sewn to the front and the back of the skirt and the second features a front bib and straps going over the shoulders. The frayed hems on the short shorts highlight the streetwear look.

I have a passion for designing kids clothing and to create styles that are easy to wear.

Joseph Douglas

Clan Collection

For my collection I wanted to incorporate Modern Fashion with Historic and Traditional elements.

My love for Tartan is what influenced my Collection. While doing further research into the History of Tartan I was then reminded of my Family Heritage and where my surname, Douglas, originated from. The Douglas’s were one of Scotland’s most powerful families, and certainly the most prominent family in lowland Scotland during the Late Middle Ages. After more research into Clan Douglas and also Highland Dress, the traditional, regional dress of the Highlands and Isles of Scotland, I was able to design my collection using what I have learnt. I have incorporated both Modern street wear and Highland Dress concepts together.

Rebecca McNeur

No Longer Slaves

Named after my favourite worship song, ‘No Longer Slaves’ is an expression of my passion and motivation to restore integrity to the ready-to-wear fashion industry which is currently dominated by throwaway cheap fashion that heavily exploits workers and the environment. All garments in this collection are made from certified ethically made, organic & sustainable fabrics in a symbolic colour palette. Black (Slavery & Oppression); White (Freedom); Blue (Peace & Nature); Mint Green (Freshness & Nature); & Gold (The limitless value within every person on earth. We are all made by God in His image and our true value comes from Him). The bees symbolise freedom and illustrate how a tiny living thing can possess immense worth (they are vital for human food production). They also represent the estimated 48 million trapped in slavery today; the ‘social underdogs’ of the world and the great value & beauty they all have within. ‘No Longer Slaves’ celebrates inclusiveness, craftsmanship, respect & hope, all through a refined and sophisticated style with a strong vintage undertone.

Jackie Chapman


I was inspired by Pompeii after researching its devastation. I wanted to tell a story about how it was a rich city filled with life, love, and religion but at the same time tell the story of the destruction that Mt. Vesuvius caused as well as the aftermath. I chose Lagoon Blue Linen, Paprika Linen, and Black Devore Velvet to portray this. The Blue represents the richness of the city before it was lost. The Paprika is the city while it is being destroyed and the Black represents the aftermath including the “Death Casts” of the people who died during the destruction. I also found that a bird’s eye view of the Pompeii Ruins, with its broken and fading walls, would make an interesting print to continue through the garments.

Amy Baker

Luminous Affliction

My mini-collection is inspired by the contrast of how it feels to deal with chronic illness and the symbolism of cherry blossoms. Chronic illness is an inspiration for my collection because it is something that myself and many people around me deal with. The cherry blossom represents the fragility and beauty of life and this contrasts with the heavy, endless feeling of chronic illness. I have used a mix of grunge/rocker fashion and elegant style to represent the theme. The feeling of living with chronic illness is embodied by the heavy, edgy and dark look of grunge/rocker fashion. I chose the elegant style to represent the cherry blossoms because, like cherry blossoms the elegant style is light and delicate. These two styles contrast in a way that the chronic illness and the cherry blossom contrast, light against dark.

Jennifer Freeman


Picture a nuclear waste land years into the future where your main goal is survival. You’re after practical clothes with no need to worry about how run down and imperfect they are. With a colour palette of black, grey and khaki green you’ll sneak around your enemies with no trouble. Shove all your weapons in your pockets and easily accessible strap bags. Get protection from the harsh sun rays in the day and bitter frost of the night. Not to mention you’ll rock the asymmetric aspects to these clothes because everyone knows that symmetry is overrated anyway. Dominate this fantasy world with confidence and just a touch of badass, trust me when I say you won’t regret it. This collection will bring the inner warrior out to fight, for this is Chernobyl.

Grace Wiggins


Satori means having a sudden inexpressible feeling of inner understanding or enlightenment, and not so recently I lived overseas and there were times when I was just walking down the street and I felt a rush of excitement, I was in London! I was in London at eighteen, it was new and exciting. I kept waiting for the excitement to settle down but I would find myself bouncing with exhilaration. I felt alive, I fell in love with the city, it was extremely versatile and full of life and extraordinary sights and people. With this feeling surrounding me every day I had new confidence to really be myself, but coming back home, everything was the same and it was crippling to be around people who judged me.
So I want my designs to feel the confidence I felt, to fell happy and alive, exhilarated as I did.

Joan Oxspring


It’s been a massive year of change, and new experiences for me, relocating to the Bay from Auckland and taking this year out to study fashion, a passion of mine. Aptly I’ve created this mini collection titled “Journey”, encompassing this year and the future direction.

This collection is a snap shot of the direction I want to head in as a fashion designer. My aesthetic is cleverly designed unstructured pieces that can be layered, adding interest and increasing wearability. I like to play with angles, dramatic lengths and a-symmetrical hemlines, they add drama and can be real statement pieces. I adore black and have used it here in different textures, adding some real depth and interest. I’ve also used tangerine for a fun summer pop of colour.

So I want my designs to feel the confidence I felt, to fell happy and alive, exhilarated as I did.

Armandos Kennedy

Mini, Midi & Maxi

A 2017/18 spring/Summer Collection, streetwear that can be worn both day and night for those who love to have a point of difference.

A quirky twist on the 1970’s silhouettes… Mini, Midi & Maxi
I have incorporated in each garment for a cohesive look creating mix & max wardrobe with more versatility & value for money look with 24 possible complete outfits for a last longing wardrobe for years.

My garments consist of chiffon blouses, trousers and jackets in linen or cotton for the upcoming season, kaleidoscopic fashion for those young at heart who prefer colour over black.

Look for my signature ‘Yellow Stitching….’