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Julienne Dickey

Bachelor of Creative Professional Practice (Honours)

Clay, empathy and gift exchange


Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design

Everyone dances to their own personal boomboom

1917: Marcel Duchamp entered a urinal into an exhibition and changed the course of art history. He was a leading member of the Dadaist movement, which encouraged non-conformity, anarchy, nonsense and absurdity – partly as a response to the horrors of the First World War. He was also a chess Grandmaster. Chess is a game, some say a battle, bound by rigid rules and governed by ordered, rational thought. Quite a contradiction.

2017: My ceramic installation uses the metaphor of chess to comment on hierarchy, patriarchy, competition and warfare – disrupting the chess narrative and playfully referencing Dada’s most colourful artists.

Long live the spirit of Dada!