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Prelude Exhibition

Video created by Korina John

The Prelude exhibition is a collection of works from twenty nine students in Level six of the Bachelor of Creative Practice at Ideaschool. This exhibition is a preparation for the final year of the degree, and an introduction to the professional creative process.

As such, the word prelude was chosen to reflect this state of beginning: an introduction to something greater, be it the final year of the degree or future careers as creative practitioners.

Exhibition graphics designed by Amy Baker, Courtney Lawson, Anita Cecilio and Tyler Cook. Animations by Ella Mandac


Reuben Baker

The Reader

Uni-Ball Signo broad white pen and Gioconda White pencil on 160gsm black paper

Jennifer Riley

Metamorphosis Fern Series of Six

Blind embossing, monoprint, charcoal, wax, crayon, gesso, varnish, shellac, graphite, gold leaf, Fabriano 350gsm extra white hot pressed paper

Korina John

The Madonna

Graphite, gold leaf, gouache poster paint, spray paint, illustration board and paper

Rose Rencken

Forest Guardian
In Bloom

Aerosol paint, gel pen, acrylic paint and paper

Jackie Chapman and Anita Cecilio

Aviators – 588

Cream and red wool blend, acetate lining. White tulle, navy broadcloth, ribbing, vinyl, acetate paper doll, framed inkjet print on paper

Henry Askew


Uniball Signo broad white pen and indian ink on 160gsm black paper

Kris Lengyel

World of Decay

Woodblock prints on paper, watercolour

Amy Barclay

Rawness: What Lies Beneath

Oil, charcoal, wax and pastel on canvas and paper

Danika Thorpe


Inkjet and screenprint on paper

Cheyenne Taiapa and Ella Mandac


Single channel MP4 format Cinema4D and Adobe After Effects video display, 3D printed ABS plastic model, laser cut MDF models and led lights

Gabriella Edwards

The Ocean Within You
The Third Lagoon
Ocean Taken Apart

Watercolour, ink pen on watercolour paper

Butch Tuau


Laser cut MDF

Noah Tucker

A Messy Mind

Pigment liners, Copic markers, spray paint, dye on Bockingford 300gsm paper

Charlotte Brown
Tyler Cook
Courtney Lawson

Combin – compost bin, worm farm and garden feature combined

3D printed model, laser cut MDF, vacuum formed plastic moulds, inkjet on card and pen on paper

Lara Strachan

The Beach
Whale of a Time

Acrylic on inkjet photograph on paper
Acrylic on canvas

Amy Baker and Eva Waaka

Peanut Butter & Jelly’s Children’s T-Shirts

Heat transfer on cotton viscose, rope, plastic pegs and inkjet print on card

Emma Mason

The Uprising #1 and #2

Indian ink and intaglio print on watercolour paper

ART Otene

The Makings of Luna Sky

Inkjet print on paper

Natasha Roberts and Kerry Moulton

Takaro: Interactive Architectural Structure

MDF, acrylic paint

Taylor Diane Donoghue

One of a Kind Creatures

Calligraphy ink on Fabriano Tiepolo paper and book pages

Philippa Saxton

The Village of Maquette Miscellany

Wood, cardboard, haberdashery, glue, plaster, netting and fabric


Colonisation of Self

Single channel video projection, digital sound, square galvanised steel tube, plastic sheeting and spray paint