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Sharleen Gamble

Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design

Abstract Sculpture

The way I work is as much about the actual process of finding the materials, taking them into the workshop and letting them transform into another form as it is about the actual end result. I have been more interested in the idea or concept that I am working around rather than the finished product. – although now as we move towards exhibition I am starting to examine what I might consider as finished and ready to be exhibited

My work is as much about the materials expressing their life already lived as it is about them becoming another entity through me conceptualising them. Through the materials I use, and the forms I create, I am looking to develop different ways to represent the idea of the water droplet and it’s never-ending fight against gravity to become whole again. These forms are all representational as opposed to the classical approach of ancient Greece and Rome and the production of recognisable forms. Much of what I create has been edited down to the bare essentials. Often I will use only one or two types of materials to express what I want to say. For me, it is as much about the aesthetics of the material, predominantly steel, and how the materials ‘speak’ as it is about the formation of the sculpture

I take materials that have lived another life, contextualise them and give them a new meaning, while trying to preserve their ‘voice’ to enhance that of which they have become a part of.

Many of the materials I use have been scavenged, found or given to me. I take objects and elements that were made for a different reason and find a way, usually through the materials themselves communicating to me how they should be put together, and reassemble them into sculptural pieces – they can then speak to us in a new language.