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Susan Mabin

Master of Professional Creative Practice


Throughout this year I have established a design practice around craftsmanship in contemporary design, engaging in learning the

Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design


Currently I am exploring issues pertaining to domestic disharmony by creating small monuments to it out of ceramic, concrete, building discards and readymade objects.

These unexpected combinations act as an analogy for the physical and mental experience of the domestic and as an exploration of the materials for themselves.

The work where the figurative connotations are obvious have a more accessible narrative that contrasts with the more elusive therefore poetic content in the concrete and birds nest works.

Concrete is a material that is associated with the world of functionality. It undergoes several transitions as a material. Other materials can be embedded into it and become entrapped. With its heaviness and its unexpected abrasive surface qualities, what is seen as an everyday functional material becomes embedded not only with the real but also the imagined.